Minoxidil: Dosage, Side Effects, Precautions, And Uses


Whenever there is a talk about hair loss, the mentioning of minoxidil is a must. Minoxidil comes in the category of best formulas that control hair fall problems. But there is always confusion in everyone’s head. Is it safe to use it or is there any side effect of it? And this creates a lot of misunderstanding among its users. So in this article, we have mentioned all the information that will help you to decide whether it is good for you or not.

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What Is Minoxidil

Minoxidil is one of the best formulas for hair loss problems. This is the most popular medicine which is now also available with many popular brands like Mintop, Tugain, Hair 4 U, etc. It is such an important medicine which is having such effective results to control hair loss problems.

Now, this is in the market for more than 30 years and giving effective results for hair loss. You can also find there are many people who are already using this or may be thinking to use it. Now there are many hair oil and different medicines.

Minoxidil, when applied to the scalp, stimulates hair growth in adult men and women with a specific type of baldness. The precise mechanism by which this medicine works is unknown.

Origin Of Minoxidil

From the early stages, this medicine is not directly used for hair fall problems. At that time this is given to diabetic patients then the physicians noticed a common thing among them. That this medicine is not only helping with diabetic problems but also increases hair growth. 

Before the centuries hair loss involved rituals to the sun god. This is really a good thing now that you can overcome this without any kind of special losses. In 1979 minoxidil was created for hypertension. Now it is certified by the FDA, and saying this has natural ingredients promoting hair growth. This provides oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. 

Benefits Of Minoxidil

Benefits Of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved ingredient in topical hair loss treatment shampoos that increases blood and oxygen flow to the hair follicles. This ingredient directly delivers much-needed nutrients to the hair follicles.

This is a really useful medicine to solve the hair fall problem. Because if you are using this on a continuous basis and taking the dosage properly this will really give you effective results. Apart from this, there are several benefits of this:

Help To Reduce Hair fall

Generally, we are facing hair fall problems because somewhere our hair is not able to get the proper nourishment from the scalp. But if you apply this to your scalp slowly this will help to increase the blood flow resulting in the scalp getting enough nutrition that is required. However, you need to be consistent until you are not getting the results.

Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved treatment for female pattern baldness. Yang claims that it works by extending the growth phase of hair follicles. Women should use minoxidil 2%, while men should use minoxidil 5%. Minoxidil slows or stops hair loss in the majority of women.

Increase Hair Count

This not only helps to provide the existing hair to growth but also promotes new hair to grow. There are many other products also in the market like the Bhringraj Plant. So, you don’t need to take anything separate for the growth of the new hair. For this, you need to apply this to your scalp so that this can increase the hair count. Hence you find your hair to be denser than before. 

In general, it takes about 8 weeks of consistent use to see results from minoxidil. After 4 months of use, you should notice an end to hair loss and an increase in hair growth. If you’ve been using minoxidil for four months and you’re still experiencing hair loss, it’s possible that it’s not related to the medication.

Increase Length

It is also helping to increase hair length. By increasing the blood flow the demand is getting complete. Hence, some of the nutrients are also there which can help hair to grow more. It also helps the dead cells to grow. And the cell starts to divide more and you find your hair is quite long now.

Minoxidil stimulates hair follicles from the resting to the growing stage. It also works by extending the time hair spends in the growth phase. This will lead to fuller, healthier hair growth.

Increases Thickness

If you apply this directly to your scalp this will also help to grow more new hair which is quite thicker than the previous hair. Resulted, of this you will get thick hair and also give a natural shine to them.

Minoxidil is also classified as a vasodilator, which means that it dilates your blood vessels and allow blood to flow more freely where it is applied. Minoxidil may encourage hair growth by boosting blood circulation to the scalp.

Some Key Benefits

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Hair follicles are stimulated to produce hair again.
  • Clinically proven to produce results in approximately four months for women and 2-4 months for men
  • Increases the length of the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.
  • Increases blood flow in small blood vessels.
  • Makes hair thicker

Minoxidil Side Effects

This is a safe solution to use, but sometimes we experience some scalp irritation. We all are different and have different body types, maybe we are having some health problems like Blood Pressure, diabetes, etc. So, before start using this, we need to take advice from our consultant Otherwise maybe we have to face these side effects of Minoxidil:

  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Itching

Reason: If you are also allergic to it may be you are allergic to the alcohol. Because some of us are not used to alcohol. So, you should the one which does not have this component. In case you are still facing the issue so maybe you are directly allergic to this component. You must consult with your doctor. 

Some Less Common Side Effects

  • Itching or rashes on the skin (continued)
  • Rare acne at the application site; scalp burning
  • Growth of facial hair
    hair loss has increased
  • Hair root inflammation or soreness reddened skin
  • Facial swelling

Signs And Symptoms Of Excessive Medications

  • Vision blurring or other visual changes
  • Chest discomfort
  • Dizziness
  • Fast or irregular heartbeats or fainting
  • Flushing \sheadache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands, feet, or face swelling in the face, hands, feet, or lower legs
  • Gaining weight (rapid)

Sexual Side Effects Of Minoxidil

Some people think that if you use this there can be some side effects sexually. So, actually, this is not like that but if you are using the combination of this with any other component then this can happen. If this condition you are facing so when you stop using it the Sexual problem automatically get resolved. 

According to a study submitted to the FDA, minoxidil users did have sexual adverse effects. Users contend that Minoxidil is to blame for issues with erectile function and sexual dysfunction.

Another medication for male pattern baldness, Finasteride, also has the issue.

Male users of finasteride, which is marketed under the trade name Propecia, have been reported to experience long-term sexual adverse effects. Men who took finasteride reportedly experienced issues with erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, and sexual dysfunction. Finasteride was discovered to result in long-term sexual health problems that could endure for 40 months.

However, it should be emphasized that while Finasteride was found to have a number of sexual adverse effects, the results for Minoxidil were inconclusive. The experts cautioned you.

Minoxidil Side Effects On Women

Despite the fact that the bulk of research have been carried out on men, it has been discovered that the topical minoxidil doses of 2% and 5% are helpful in treating hair loss in women.

To determine how well a 2% solution prevented hair loss in women, hundreds of women who had pattern hair loss were tracked for 32 weeks while taking minoxidil in a research study. At the end of the experiment, 60% of participants reported new hair growth, with 20% of these reports claiming a considerable improvement and 40% indicating a little gain. Another study found that women with hair loss had improved after 48 weeks of treatment using both strengths and comparing the 2% formulation to the 5% strength.

Frequently Medication Results To:

  • Headaches
  • Bruises on the body
  • excessive growth of hair
  • scaly scalp surface appearances
  • Eczema and itchy skin are examples of allergic skin reactions.

In order to avoid side effects, it’s a good idea to try a patch test of the topical minoxidil product you intend to use first. This will give you a good idea of how your skin will respond when you apply a new solution or foam to it. Minoxidil can also result in telogen effluvium, a kind of hair loss that occurs when hairs in the telogen phase of hair growth fall out.

Females Must Be Careful

This is generally found in females with excessive hair growth on the face. This is why most physicians suggest that one should not extend the amount by more than 2%.

Minoxidil Side Effects Men

If you apply it to your hair maybe you feel dryness in your hair. This is because the alcohol component is causing this. For this, you can apply the conditioner to the length of the hair area. This should be advised twice daily, first in the morning and second in the evening. 

You can also feel itching to the scalp. This can be due to individual personality traits. Generally, this is not a common side effect. But for some people, those conditions can be worst also, so for them, this is the most important thing for which you should be careful. 

In the rarest case, this can happen that you may have an allergy with side effects. This is why many of the specialists also advise that if it is causing allergy to you so you don’t have to use it. From the head area, you can also feel come more problems like losing skin, etc.

Note: Sometimes these problems can be because of the solution so you can change the brand also. Gel-based Minoxidil is also there, foam is also there which you can also use.

Some Myths About Minoxidil

However, there are some patients also who are using this saying that this is increasing the heart rate. But actually, this is not like that because if you take it in such a high amount then only this can happen. But if you are taking the right amount of it. The doctors are also suggesting than there could be no problem related to this. 

Ultimately this is just a myth although if this is in your mind then this can happen. Otherwise, there is nothing like this. 

If You Stop Using It

Immediately if you stop to use than you can see after a few months the hair which grows because of it is disappearing slowly. In short, it can rebound your hair. But the one thing which we also consider that is if we were not using this those hair can not be ours anytime. Never use this like sometimes use it and leave it, then again start to use it and again leave it. Because this thing can never help you to grow your hair.

How Does Minoxidil Work

This is a medicine if you apply it directly to your scalp then there is more chance of getting effective results? Initially, this is coming in the market strength of 5% or 2%.Now, this is also coming in different composition like 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15% also.

This compound contains chains of potassium which is helping the blood vessels to promote blood flow. Because the blood is the only thing which is providing all the essential things to your scalp. It is also helpful in providing more things for the nourishment of hair. The best to use this is that this is also helping to maintain the dead cells. 

This is increasing the level of nourishment on your scalp. It not only results in the growth of the hair but also helps the damaged cells to react. However, this is not giving a permanent result, you need to use it in a continuous manner to have a staying result. If you transplanted your hair then also you need to use it. 

Different Forms Of Minoxidil

As this increases its results and helps in a better way the usage of this is also getting to be increased. Now you can see they are coming in different forms, some are having alcohol content but if you feel irritated with that then you can take it without that. 

Minoxidil Foam

This is coming in foam preparation also. It is easy to use this is why most people are using this form of it. Easily you can maintain the hairstyle and set your hair. Most commonly the people who are using this form just apply it to the length of the hair. But this is not a good way if you want to have an effective result.

Although this is advised if you are using the foam so, you should use the tip and drop by drop gently apply it to the scalp. 

Minoxidil Solution

The solution form of this is really helpful and has alcohol content also. Some of them are also alcohol-free because some people do not feel good if they use them.

Minoxidil Lotion

This is also a preferable form so that you can add to your scalp and get more effective results. It is the easiest way for the scalp to absorb it, this is why you can get the result slightly before. 

Minoxidil Pill

We all are now busy in our day-to-day life and we don’t have time to apply the foam or something. This is why now the pill is also available in different sizes like 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, etc. There is a specific stage to choose which one you should take. Or what is the condition of your hair and also on gender? 

Most doctors suggest starting the 0.625mg per day for women and 1.25 mg for men per day. However, if you go to the pharmacist they will also cut the tablets into parts so that you can have the right amount. It is a good way because due to this you don’t have to give s much time off yours to it. And even both men and women can use it easily. 

But sometimes taking the pills can also cause an increase in the hairs on the back, arms, legs, and scalp also. So, be careful before starting to use it. If you are taking the pills then also you have to face some hair loss issues, this is also due to the beginning phase. So, don’t be so worried about it if you take it on the regular basis you will overcome this problem.

Minoxidil Spray

There is a proper study which is saying that 84.3 percent of balding men are already treated with the spray of it. This is really effective, easy way to grow your hair. When this is applied to the hair I immediately start to work on it. And this is the easy way to apply this without giving so much time and effort to it. 

There are many benefits to using the spray like

  • Prevention of hair loss
  • Promote more hair to grow
  • Safe and effective Formula 
  • Give results
  • Easy to Apply for men and women both
  • 100% hassle-free and satisfying

Minoxidil Foam vs Liquid

There is nothing like being comparative in this because if you are using the foam that is also fine and if you are using the liquid one then also this is good to use. The reason behind this is that they both are for easy implementation on hair not for any other purposes. Because in our day-to-day life we are not having that much time to apply the liquid one.

Most effectively there is one more thing the liquid one is fluid. It can easily flow from the hair and can also come to the face which can be resulted in excessive hair on the face. So to overcome these things one can have the foam. 

If you think about the foam generally we all did one common mistake. This is we apply this on the length part of the hair which is not the right way to apply it. Because the medicine should reach the scalp so that it can show good and effective results to you. So be careful when you are using it and choose which form is better for you.

How To Apply Minoxidil

There is a different way to use minoxidil because this comes in different foams. But while using any form we must be careful it should apply to the scalp. And you should be careful that the hair should not get wet when you are applying it. Try to keep away from the pillows or hats etc. be careful with the amount you are applying, it should not be more than the recommended amount. Here, are the steps that you should follow to apply it:

  • Open the container cap.
  • Part the hair into one or more rows to expose the hair-thinning area on the scalp.
  • Use your fingers to spread the foam over the hair loss area and gently massage it into your scalp.
  • Immediately after using this medicine, wash your hands to remove any medicine that may be on them.

This is how one can apply minoxidil.

Precautions Before Using Minxodil

  • Patient instructions are typically included with this medication.
  • It’s crucial that you take this medication exactly as prescribed.
  • Use it only as directed by your doctor, and don’t use more of it or use it more frequently.
  • It might be more likely to be absorbed via the skin if you do this. Do not apply to other areas of your body for the same reason. Unwanted effects may result from absorption into the body that affects the heart and blood vessels.
  • On the same area of skin where you apply minoxidil, avoid using any other skin care products. As long as the scalp is cleaned right before applying the hair coloring or relaxer, hair coloring and relaxers are acceptable when receiving minoxidil therapy.

Who Can Use Minoxidil


This is really a very safe meditation to be use. Anyone who is facing a hair loss problem and is more than 18 years old can use this. But if you are having any kind of other health-related problem then you must be careful before using this. Because this has come component from which you can be allergic also. Slowly this helps the blood vessels to relax and resulted in an increase in the flow. 

Who Should Not Take This?

If you are under 18 then you definitely not take it. Because this can happen sometimes because our hair is not growing properly but don’t be so quick. And for the females, this is found that most of the tie them don’t need it to use. Their hair grows in one or any other ways. 

However, women also are careful with the amount of it in the medicine which they are taking. Because if they take in excessive amounts so it can also be causing the excessive growth of hair on the face. This is not really a good result so, be careful and take advice of your doctor before starting this. 

Minoxidil For Women

In women baldness also is used in the strength of 2%. This is the drug that is FDA approved to treat female pattern baldness also. But women should be careful if they are using it. This is a slow but effective way to grow your hair, sometimes this can happen that this is coming in contact with the f Resulted to that at that time it starts to grow hair on the face also. 

Most of the time women don’t need this to grow hair. But if your consultant is suggesting this for you so be careful what the components in this which you are using. There should be nothing like that to which you are allergic. Although it is safe to use it you don’t have to stop this immediately because it can also cause a sudden hair fall in very lesser time. That will not be a good experience, there is a reason behind it. Conclusion This is not a permanent solution for grown hair, so you should consult your doctor first. 

Minoxidil For Men

This is the 5% topical solution for men, most commonly this is advised to use twice a day. The percentage is specially designed for men so, that they can get the best results. Majorly this medicine is using in male pattern baldness 5% of the composition.

In the treatment of male pattern baldness, minoxidil solution and foam are used to promote hair growth. It is not used to treat frontal baldness or a receding hairline in men. The foam and 2% minoxidil solution are also used to promote hair growth in women who have thinning hair.

Special Precautions Should Follow

By both men and women while using it they have to wash their hands properly. And then they need to be careful that it should not come in contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. By accident, if this thing is there so you have to be active and wash it as soon as possible. 

However, if you are having the spray of this then also be careful not to spray this near the breathing area. It is the continuous using medicine for you to have a permanent treatment.

Expert Advice For Minoxidil

While using it there are some things for which you should be careful. Some precautions are of general hygiene, whereas some are for better results. Many experts are saying you should be careful with these things:

  • Wash your hand before using and also after using it.
  • While applying it you should be careful to apply it directly to the scalp so that you can get effective results. 
  • If accidentally it comes to contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. Clean the area and as soon as clean it with cool water.
  • After applying do not wash your hair before 4 hours. 
  • Don’t use a Dryer because it can reduce the effect of the medicine. 
  • In the first two weeks may be hair all get increases so, you don’t need to worry about it. By continuous use, it will suit you.
  • Be careful that it cannot come in contact with your face because it can also grow unwanted hair on your face also.

Where To Use Minoxidil

Minoxidil topical foam or solution should only be used on the scalp. Keep this medication out of your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you get some in your eyes, nose, or mouth, immediately flush the area with cool tap water. When using the pump spray, take care not to breathe in the spray.

With time this is found that this is not only helpful for the head’s hair but also helpful for other things. Now, this is also used for these different purposes:-

Use Minoxidil For Beard

Side Effects

Similar to how Rogaine works on your scalp, there aren’t many or usually any major adverse effects while using it on your beard

  • redness or irritation of your facial skin scalp irritation
  • hair growing in areas that you didn’t expect, such as further down your neck or back
  • new hair colors or textures

If Rogaine gets in your eyes, it can also sting. If this occurs, quickly rinse them. Due to how Rogaine interacts with your blood vessels, it occasionally has more serious adverse effects. If you use it frequently, this can happen more often

  • low sexual desire
  • abnormal weight loss with no other obvious cause
  • feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • swollen feet or hands
  • pain in your chest

According to the study, the researchers believe that using minoxidil for beard enhancement is safe. However, there are known side effects (one of which is dry, flaky skin, which can be easily addressed with a specialised moisturiser), and you should consult your doctor before beginning minoxidil.

Now, this can also be used to grow beard areas. But there are some things for which you should be careful while applying it to your beard.

Minoxidil For Mustache Growth

If you decide to use minoxidil on your mustache hair, Both beard and mustache hair form after puberty. Their growth is more influenced by hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone than scalp hair is. Minoxidil may have the same impact on mustache hair as it will on beard hair.

However, If you decide to use minoxidil on your moustache hair, proceed with caution. Both beard and moustache hair grow after puberty. Their growth is more influenced by hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) than scalp hair. Minoxidil may have the same effect on mustache hair as it does on beard hair.

Minoxidil Hair Growth

This case report demonstrates that minoxidil alone may also be helpful in promoting facial hair growth, which offers TGD patients who were designated female at birth a new pharmacological alternative in addition to testosterone monotherapy’s ability to do so. In particular, we may envision the employment of minoxidil in a variety of situations. First off, despite reaching goal serum testosterone levels, facial hair growth in transmasculine people using testosterone may be delayed and/or insufficient. In these circumstances, minoxidil might be a way to hasten and/or enhance facial hair development.

Some Benefits

Minoxidil may permit partial masculinization, aid in GD, and lessen misgendering in people who want testosterone but can’t yet access it. Although the legal requirements in Australia at the time prevented our patient from receiving testosterone immediately, TGD adolescents around the world frequently face obstacles to receiving gender-affirming care (due to things like a lack of suitable services, lengthy wait times, and a lack of family support), and minoxidil may therefore be a desirable option for such young people.

Thirdly, some TGD sufferers might want to become more masculine without going through all the typical testosterone side effects. For instance, some people might want to grow facial hair but not risk losing their ability to reproduce or permanently deepen their voice. People assigned females at birth who identify as non-binary frequently exhibit this desire for some but not all masculinizing effects. Currently, it is challenging to meet these particular requirements, however, minoxidil may provide a potential alternative.

Does Minoxidil Work?

If you continuously use it until 10 or 12 months. Then you can see a regular benefit of it. Gradually you will find the effect is decreasing after a year because our body gets habitual of this. However, this is not compulsory for everyone. For this many, the physician starts to increase the amount but ideally, this is not right.

You can overcome this by using this at the specific times when your consultant has told you to use it. Also, you can have a gap in this so, that our results can be continuous. Yes, This work and give you effective results but for that, you need to have some patience and use it on a regular basis.

Minoxidil Before And After

Minoxidil Before And After

If you have just started to use it and worry about the thing why this is not showing the results. This is a good formula but not an artificial formula that can give you the results in just 2 or 3 days. And honestly, the products that are giving quick results they are also having many drawbacks also.

Hopefully, you are not also thinking about having some more problems maybe you are trying to find a solution. Although you need to have some patience definitely you will get the results that you are waiting for. In a study, this is found that most of the people who are starting to use this all just stop or forget to use it because they do not find quick results. But if you will be consistent these are the results that can also be with you also:

Minoxidil Beard Before And After

Minoxidil Beard Before And After

According to the study of the year 2016, there are some results that are proofing that there are effective results on beard hair also. But you need to be careful while using it because the facial skin is so sensitive compared to the skin on the other parts of the body. Maybe your skin is much more sensitive and you have to face the problems like skin irritation, redness, itching, etc. So, first, take a consultant with your doctor and then use it for you. 

These are the results that you will get after using it continuously on your beard. Otherwise, there can be many problems which you have to face like:

  • Irritation
  • Back Pain
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Fractures
  • Sinus

Dosage Of Minoxidil

There are different types of sage according got the gender. For men, this is different whereas for women there is a different amount needed. But they both have to use it twice a day there is no change in this.

Generally, the female doctor advises taking the one which is having a concentration of 2%, and for the men, this is 5%. And also if you are using the foam then it will be different if you are taking the pills than also it will be different. Although, you have to be careful what is the right amount to have otherwise you have to face these problems:

Popular Brands Of Minoxidil

If hair growth occurs as a result of minoxidil use, it usually occurs after the medicine for several months and lasts only as long as the medicine is used. Hair loss will resume within a few months of discontinuing minoxidil treatment.

This medication is available without a prescription in the United States and other countries. Here, are some popular brands that are the preference of most the doctors.

Kirkland Minoxidil

The Kirkland is offering one of the best formulas for hair growth. This has a dropper for convenience. It is a medicine for adults, recommended to both genders. It is a 5% concentrated topical solution for hair growth, a good regrowth treatment formula, especially for men and women.

Benefits Of Using Kirkland

  • Comparing to the other this gives extra strength
  • Clinically proven for hair growth
  • Unscented topical solution
  • Each selection has a dropper applicator
  • Available in large amounts also
  • Good for thinning hair type

Equate Walmart

This is the formula having 5% of the concentration which is generally good for thin hair. It can be directly applied to the hairline which is not intended the baldness, Specially this is good for men to use it and effectively regrow their hair. Rather than it, there are several more benefits of using this like:

Benefits Of Equate Walmart

  • Give extra strength to your hair
  • Revitalizes hair follicles
  • Solution of the 5%
  • 3 Bottles are enough for three months

Oral Minoxidil

Oral Minoxidil Solution is a prescription-only vasodilator that reduces hair loss and promotes hair regrowth when used often. For better, safer, and quicker results, we don’t use alcohol in our men’s Minoxidil. Seen regrowth is visible after frequent use for at least six months.

The need to apply the medication twice daily, the unfavorable hair texture, and the possibility of scalp irritation make topical minoxidil an ineffective treatment choice for hair loss. alternative to topical minoxidil that is secure. There were a total of 17 studies involving 634 participants that discussed oral minoxidil as the main hair loss therapy option. The most researched disorder was androgenetic alopecia, but telogen effluvium, lichen planopilaris, loose anagen hair syndrome, monilethrix, alopecia areata, and chemotherapy-induced irreversible alopecia were also present.

Benefits Of Oral Minoxidil

  • Give you visible results
  • Hair Texture
  • Necessary to have prescription
  • Not Contain Alcohol
  • Use For Least 6 Months for results

Rogain Minoxidil

The Rogain is a good formula which is helping you to regrow your hair. It is a clinically proven medicine this is why many doctors are also preferring this for their patients. Mainly it works on the hair follicle which is helping the hair to regrow naturally. 

In men specifically for the growth of the hair, the treatment should include botanical extracts and an emollient so that hair should be healthy also. There are some special benefits like as improving the condition of the scalp and maintaining the good health of hair. Also from this, it also has alpha hydroxy acid which is helping in natural skin exfoliation and keeping the hair follicles.

Beneficial this is suitable for all hair types having the anti-hair loss foam which is making it the ideal brand. It is based on the Tricho- Prime technology-based product. However, for many years this is delivering a good clinically visible treatment in 12 weeks. Now, this comes in foam form that’s a quiet easy way to use it.

Benefits Of Rogain

  • Give Effective Reasults
  • Comes in Foam also
  • Feature Based on Tricho Prime Technolgy
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Deliver results in 12 weeks
  • Help to have healthy scalp

Hims Minoxidil

By encouraging the growth of new hair, this 5% topical solution for men, used once or twice a day, helps treat hair loss. Today’s hair is tomorrow’s hair. There is plenty of hair to grip, spin, and other things.

Men can use the safe and successful minoxidil 5% formulation (often known as minoxidil 5) to regrow their hair. In scientific tests, males who used minoxidil 5 had 45% higher hair growth than those who used minoxidil 2. The better, the more hair.

Benefits Of Himp

  • Treatment for Hims Hair Regrowth Topical Minoxidil Solution, Serum
  • Helps reactivate follicles to aid in the growth of top-of-the-head hair
  • FDA-approved
  • More power for men
  • Unscented

Topical Minoxidil

This drug is given topically to the scalp to encourage hair growth and halt the balding process. It lengthens the hair’s growing phase and thickens the hair strands. Each person’s rate of improvement is unique. Hair growth often starts to appear after using the medication for at least three to six months, and it only lasts as long as the medication is being utilized. Within a few months after treatment is stopped, hair loss may start up again.

If you are allergic to the drug or any of its other ingredients, such as ethanol or propylene glycol, tell your doctor right away. You are breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant, or planning to do so. However, You struggle with heart issues or high blood pressure. You have a sunburnt, infected, irritated, or inflamed scalp. In order to use this drug, it must first be treated.

Benefits Of Topical Minoxidil

  • Give Effective Results
  • Increase hair length
  • Thicken Hair
  • Use at least three months for the results
  • Allergic to the drugs allergic people
  • Must have precaution of doctor


This is the prescribed medicine this is why sometimes we have some questions in mind. These are and of the frequently asked questions. Which helps you to choose the right solution for you.

Can Minoxidil Cause Hair Loss?

If you have just started to use it and you are at the beginning phase? Maybe you have to face a hair fall problem at the beginning of two weeks. This is because the medicine takes some time to stay on the scalp. So, don’t need to worry about it because it will turn into the growth of new hair. Many people are taking the help of chemotherapy which is 

Does Minoxidil Work For Beard?

There are very few results which are showing that this is helping beard growth but now in many cases also you can see many positive results. In the year 2016, there are 3% of the concentrated solution is reliable for the beard. So, if you use that it may give you results.

Does Minoxidil Work On the Hairline?

If you apply it directly to the scalp it will give the results. This is also been already proven that receding the hairline and helping to thick thin hair. 

How Minoxidil Shampoo Works?

When you apply shampoo to your scalp this start to improve blood circulation. Which is helping hair to grow more, stay and improve shine. It is also helpful to grow the length of hair and also improve its texture. 

What Should Do If Forget A Dosage?

If you miss a dosage of Minioxidil, then continue it as soon as possible. There is no such harmful effect if you forget to take it at a particular time. But try not to do it for a long time or rapidly because this can also cause a serious impact on your hair.

Is This the Permanent Treatment?

This is not a permanent treatment you need to use this in a continuous manner? If you stop using this you may experience the hair growth is going to disappear. Not in the initial stage but after the 3 or 4 months you will see this.

Can Minoxidil Cause Weight?

Yes, minoxidil can increase weight also. If you take it on the regular basis with a balanced diet you will feel that. To nullify this effect, you need to do regular exercises and try to avoid fat-increasing foods. For better results, you can also take the advice of your dietician so that you will get the best results without any hindrance in this.

When I Can See Results?

This is a slow process because this helps hair to grow naturally. Thus, it will take time to show the results to you. And you need to wait and use it regularly with patience. But most probably you will get the results in four months but be sure that you are taking the proper dosage which you have to consult with your Family doctor.

When you start using it may be you feel that hair loss get increases. However, this is the most common thing the people who started to use it just stop usage in the first month. The reason behind it is that they found no such results. And hair fall is also the reason behind it. So, you have to be patient with athletes for 3 or 4 months so that you can get effective results. 

Do I Need To Wash My Hair Everyday While Using Minoxidil?

This is not required to shampoo your hair on daily basis. But you need to be careful with the fact that your hair is not wet when you are applying it.

How Often Do I Need To Use It?

As per the general recommendation you need to use it twice a day. But before taking it must take a prescription from your doctor. If some changes are needed in this so, he will guide you according to that.  

When Should I Begin Taking Minoxidil?

The key is to use it early, as soon as you notice hair loss, and consistently to maintain the results. It has advantages and disadvantages, but for many men, minoxidil can be very effective.

Can I Use Minoxidil If My Hair Is Healthy?

It assists to extend the hair growth cycle and reduce natural shedding. There is an activation process for minoxidil. Fine hairs may shed during the first four weeks, while larger hairs may replace them.


Minoxidil is a really safe and easy-to-use medicine. Now, this is coming in different forms like liquid, spray, foam, pills, etc. If you are facing a hair fall problem then definitely consult your doctor and get the prescription for such an amazing solution. Although, this has effective results it will take time to be shown. 

However, this can happen when in the initial phase you are facing hair fall problems. This is because the scalp needs some time to be friendly with it. But in just 2 or 3 months you will see the hair fall is getting converted to the  thick, healthy and shiny one.

Sneh Singh

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