How to Talk to Short People

How to Talk to Short People

In society, there is every kind of person some are too tall, so some are very short. This seems that there is an advantage to being a tall one. Short people somewhere look in society as the overlooked. However having a short height is not fun, there are both advantages and drawbacks. Generally when a tall person talks to a short person the way of that is going to be so fun or maybe the short person does not like that. So this is an important thing to know how to talk to short people. 

As a tall person if you don’t want that the second person not feel discomfort.  To build a better understanding and not have a proper conversation with the short person you need to be careful with some things. So, there should be no misunderstanding between both of you. 

The first thing while talking to anyone we need to be careful that we should talk in a way so that the second person does not feel embarrass someone. Respecting the second person is the first step towards getting the same respect from that person. 

Don't Bend Your Knee

This thing generally a tall person does something maybe they think this is how the second person feels more comfortable during the conversation. But actually, this is not the right way. However, this is how you are realising the second person that he has short in height and you are having some empathy for the next person.

This resulted in the next person never wanting to talk to you again. Or maybe this can hurt him also. Doesn’t matter if the second person is short or tall like you behave normally with the one so that the next person feels that you are respecting that person and do not have any sympathy or apathy for him. Hence he or she will take interest in the conversation and also can be our good friend. 

Never Fold Your Hand While Talking to Short People

This is the part of the body language, It is not about the short people only But you need to be very careful while talking to anyone because folding your hand somewhere means that you are not interested in the conversation. While talking to the short heightened person you should not fold your hand. 

It seems like you are not feeling good or confident while talking to the second person. You should have the proper body language during the conversation so that you do not react over. Because this can also be there that the second person thinks that you are trying to give extra respect to the next person. So, be careful with it the things should not show over and you can easily build a mutual understanding. 

Have Some Gap Between Both of You During Conversation

If you and the second person have so much difference in height so to overcome that you can have some gap between you and the second person because this is the way to equal that. It is a good way to make the second person comfortable talking to you. Because somewhere a short person feels hesitation while talking to a tall person. So, if you want to have a proper conversation with your friend. By having some gap counter the height difference and have a proper mutual understanding between both of you. So that the second person does not feel that you are typing to do some extra effort but somewhere you can also.

Do Not Remind That The Next Person is Shorten Than You

This is the most common thing which we do to have some joke or fun during the conversation. But if you really want that the second person feels free to talk to you and be our good friend. So, this is the most important thing which you should not do while meeting the short person. 

Frequently reminding the second person that he or she is shortened than you somewhere hurt them. Because you are not the guy who is saying this for the very first time. There are so many other people who are repairing this. If you want to be someone who the second person like about you so you should focus on the conversation, not on the weaknesses of the second person. 

Just like we want ot talk to the person who understands ourselves similarly the short person also wants it. That you have the understanding about and everyone has the pros and cons. 

Avoid to Add Some Funny Names

This is the most common thing among us that we put the names of the second person according to their abilities or weaknesses sometimes. As a person who doesn’t want to hurt the feeling of someone, we should not use funny nicknames. This is the funny thing for us but actually not the funny one for the next person. How many times we are using the name is reminding the person about his or her disability? Which may be the second person cannot change, this is a natural thing that depends on the genes. 

However, we cannot even imagine what is the impact on the next person of it.  We should like to support the person because we are human we also have some weaknesses. What if the second person reminds you of your weaknesses again and again? It is not a good way to be with someone. So, if you really have some sympathy or apathy for the second person you should not do these kinds of things s which can hurt the next one a lot. 

Listen More Speak Less

However, this is the thing that we should know while having a conversation with anyone. No one is looking for a person who speaks more and listens less. Everyone wants to have someone who can listen to us patiently. There are lots of people but we also love the person who wants to know about us. This is how not even the second person takes interest in us but also always be there for us. 

To listen to us the next person will always be available because you were also available when no one wants to hear that guy, So, if you want to make the next person of your friend. This is how you should talk to short people. 

Help Where They Need to Have In a Manner

Usually, if we are the person who is tall we do so many things. Like if the next person is not able to pick something because it is at the top. We help the person again and again but sometimes there are some situations when the next person doesn’t want to take any help. But we do something to help the next person. We should be aware of whether the second person needs our help or not because being over helpful can also hurt the next person. Or maybe the next person doesn’t want to talk to you again because somehow you make him realize that he has a disability that can never be overcome.

Do not Try to Dominate

The short person is already feeling less important when he or she is standing in a group. We should not try to dominate in front of the next person. If the person does not feel confident talking to you he or she will lose interest in you. Although the next person feels discomfortable talking to you and will never be your good friend anymore.  

Be Careful About Your Body Language

While having a conversation we should be careful about the body language and what we are saying in a group or in front of a person. Because this is one of the most important things to build a mutual understanding. Our body language not only matters in the conversation but also to build a mutual understanding. There are so many psychological signs that the next person notices in you. 

So during the conversation, this is important to maintain open body language which shows that you are open to talking and have an interest to talk to the next person. 

Talk About Them More

If you want to talk to the next person this is one of the most important things which you should do. If you want to be an important part of the conversation. This is a simple thing that is true for us also. We also want to talk to the guy who is interested to talk about us. Not the guy who is interested in boosting about him or the other guy.

So, if you want to have a healthy conversation with a short person the same thing you should do with them. This is how to talk to short people.

Connect With the Qualities & Emotions

During a conversation, it is one of the most important things you should do to have a healthy conversation. Because a conversation is always incomplete if there is no reality or no connection of emotions. If we want to make a bond with the short person then also we should talk about something really something which is related to life. 

Respect Them

If you want to be the friend of the next person you should respect the person. The height is not the only thing to see in a people their inner nature and behavior is much more important than any other thing. If you want that someone respects you, first you should respect the person.

Do not Compare with Anyone

We also do not like it if someone is comparing us with any other person. Similarly, the short person also does not like it when you are comparing him or her for height with other people. This is easy for us because we feel joy while making fun of the other person but from the perspective of the next reason this is not so easy. So, this is the most important thing about how to talk to short people.

Maintain Eye Contact During the Conversation

This is the body language when you are interested in the conversation or want to continue the conversation. If you want that the second person also shows the interest as the interest you have so you should maintain eye contact. This shows that you are not focusing on the disability of the second person. Making comfortable with the next person is one of the most important things how to talk to short people.

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