How To Sell Old Coins

How to sell old coins

Day by day, selling old coins and notes is in demand, and Indian people have the opportunity to make money by selling them. Today we are discussing how to sell old coins and notes as well.

You stand a good chance of making lakhs of rupees while relaxing at home if your interest is collecting old coins and bills.

By exchanging old coins and notes, you can now make up to Rs 5 lakhs, as compared to hundreds of rupees in the past when people sold their old currency. Rs. 1 or Rs. 2 coins, and Rs. 5 or Rs. 10 notes are available.

Some people enjoy collecting antique coins and banknotes as a pastime. However, notaphily is the study and collection of money notes, while the pastime of collecting coins is known as numismatics.

Coin and note collectors don’t mind spending a relatively large sum of cash to acquire rare coins and notes.

Sell old coins in India

Old coins and banknotes offer currently for sale or auction on various online marketplaces, including OLX, Quikr, eBay, IndiaMart, and Coinbazaar.

While Olx and eBay also attract international customers, IndiaMart, Coinbazaar, and Quikr only targeted the Indian market.

As we all know, the Indian government sometimes stops issuing coins and notes, which is why individuals spend a lot of money purchasing old coins and notes.

Several of the currency items in high demand include:

  • A photo of a farmer using a tractor is on an Rs. 5 note with 786 serial no.
  • Coin of 25 paise
  • The RBI’s Rs 2 coin was in circulation in 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2000.
  • Old Rs. 2 coins that had produced and created in 1984
  • In 1885 British-era produces Re 1 coin.

It should also note that only particular qualities, such as a unique serial number, limited edition status, or a unique combination of the note’s serial number, image, and signatory, make coins and notes valuable.

How can I buy and sell old coins online?

  • Visit the official webpage.
  • Create an account to sell on eBay.
  • Include a clear photo of the coin or note you wish to sell in your upload.
  • Put your location and the description in writing.
  • Give a price estimate.
  • Interested parties will reach out to you. With their cooperation, you might exchange the coin for money.

How much money can you make in India by selling old coins and notes?

In India, old coins and banknotes can sell for a profit. Although, In the nation last year, demonetized 25-paise and 50-paise coins can purchase for up to Rs 1.5 lakh. Moreover, For the goal of collecting, some people are more than willing to spend thousands and millions of rupees on such illegal currencies. However, You could approach them directly by posting your old coins or bills on specific online marketplaces.

What types of old coins are listed for sale in India?

Issued between 1957 and 1963, 10 paisa coins. Although, These were the country’s first coins to be circulated. The old coins had a 23 mm diameter and were constructed of copper-nickel metal that weighed roughly 5 grams. However, India and Bharat were written on one side of the Ashoka pillar, which was engraved. On the other side, however, is written: “Rupaye ka dasvan bhag” and 10 Naye paise in Devnagri script. Although, The mintmark and the year of creation are printed on the bottom of the coin. According to media estimates, you can sell these 10 old paisa coins online for about Rs 1000.

How to sell coins online in India

How to sell old coins online in India

The websites listed below allow you to sell your used coins and bills. You can acquire an idea of prices by reading other people’s coin listings, then set your prices following the year shown on the coins. The value of a coin increases with age. Suppose that a coin created in 1984 has a higher sale value than a coin made in 1998 since the year shows the coin’s money printing date.

How to sell old coins in Coinbazaar

On the Coinbazaar website, you may buy and sell antiques, including medals, ancient money, and old coins and notes. Although, Here’s how to create a listing for your coins and register.

Go to the official website.

In the top right corner, select “shop manager.”

Enter your email address and a password to register.

Press “register.”

However, You can now begin listing the vintage coins by adding images, information, and a price.

How to sell old coins in OLX

A well-known marketplace for buying and selling secondhand and pre-owned goods is OLX. A lot of people sell their old coins on this market as well. However, See how you can do it here.

Visit OLX.in

Click “Sell” in the top right corner to sign up as a seller.

Enter your mobile number or continue by creating an account with Google.

Once completed, you will be added to the platform.

Take clear photographs of the coins and enter the desired pricing and further information to list them.

When someone shows interest. They will call you or use OLX to contact you.

Take note: If you choose to purchase an item from one of these platforms, always visit and physically inspect the item before making any advance payments, especially in this situation where thousands of rupees are at stake.

How to sell old coins in Quickr

Similar to OLX, Quickr is a platform where used goods trade, including ancient and demonetized coins and notes.

Access Quikr.com.

Choose “Login/Register” from the menu in the top right corner.

Click “proceed” after providing your phone number, name, email address, and preferred password.

You can now begin listing your coins by including reasonable pricing and high-quality photos in your uploads.

When someone has an interest in it. They will call you or use Quikr to contact you.

How to sell old coins on Amazon

You must register for an Amazon selling account to sell your goods there. However, please adhere to the instructions below to create a selling account:

Visit services.amazon.in to learn more.

Click “Sell on Amazon” from the drop-down menu while your thumb is over the “Services” tab.

You will reach the bottom of this page and be taken to a new page. Although, There is a “Register Now” option here.

Tap “Register Now.”

It will lead you to a different page. Please complete the required fields to complete your registration and click “Continue.”

It will end the registration procedure for you. Moreover, You must activate your selling account and list your products after posting this.

How to sell old coins in Flipkart

India’s top online marketplace is Flipkart Marketplace. Sell your goods online on Flipkart, whether you’re a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier, to rise to the top of the e-commerce field with little investment. Flipkart focuses on enabling sellers across India by providing special seller workshops, training, and support through a team of experts.

Selling is simple and cost-free on Flipkart.com. However, Register, offer your catalog and begin selling your goods.

Register at seller.flipkart.com if you want to sell on Flipkart.

Place your products in a list of categories.

After receiving an order, package the item and indicate that it is “Ready to Dispatch.” However, The item will be picked up and delivered to the customer by our logistics partner.

Based on your seller tier. Although, Flipkart will settle your money when an order has been successfully sent between 7–15 business days.