How to Become Income Tax Officer

How to Become Income Tax Officer

When you file an income tax return, the income tax officer evaluates your financial records, assets, and liabilities to establish your precise income (ITR). They oversee the direct taxation laws that the Indian Parliament passed. The civil service is a very tempting job choice, and many candidates show up for the test.

How can you become a tax officer?

Aspirants must take the SSC CGL exam in order to be considered for the position of income tax inspector. The combination graduate level (CGL) test is administered by the Staff Selection Commission in order to hire new employees for various government agencies. The SSC CGL test is also used for the appointment of income tax inspectors.

Income Tax Officer Qualifications

To qualify for the position of income tax officer, you must meet the following requirements, including education requirements and time limits.

  • Academic Requirements for Income Tax Officers

The applicant must get a bachelor’s certificate or diploma from a recognized institution.

  • maximum age

The candidate’s age ranges from 18 to 27, with 18 being the minimum.

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For SC/ST candidates and OBC applicants, the maximum age restriction for eligibility for this income tax exam will be lowered by 5 years and 3 years, respectively. Other than this, employees working for the Indian government and the defense services are also eligible for the waiver of the upper age limit.

The candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline in order to be eligible for the SSC CGL income tax exam.

To be considered eligible for the Income Tax exam for positions as Income Tax Inspectors with the Government of India, a candidate must meet the minimal requirements for physical fitness and height:

Candidates must also meet physical and fitness standards. For male and female candidates, there is different requirements.

Candidate physical requirements for men:

  • Dimensions: 157.5 cm.
  • Chest: 81 cm.
  • Physical condition: 1600 meters in 15 minutes of walking

Candidates must cycle eight kilometers in thirty minutes.

Physical Requirements for Female Candidates:

  • 152 cm in height
  • 48 kilograms
  • physical condition: Candidates must walk one kilometer in 20 minutes.

Candidates must cycle 3 kilometers in 25 minutes.

India’s procedure for choosing income tax officers

There are four stages to the SSC CGL examination selection procedure. You must pass each of these phases before moving on to the interview, physical requirements, physical fitness test, and medical examination. We’ll now examine the requirements for becoming an income tax officer in India.

SSC-CGL Examination Format

As we can see above, there will be 4 parts to this SSC CGL test. I’m going to discuss the reading assignments for these exams. You can practice utilizing the SSC CGL Books to gain knowledge in all the subject areas.

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Basic skill requirements for a career as an income tax officer.

The following is a list of some of the requirements for employment as an income tax officer in India.

You will need to communicate with accountants, companies, lawyers, and coworkers.

It takes the use of statistics to analyze financial data from individuals, corporations, the government, and professionals in the public.

Time management: At the end of the fiscal year, income tax inspectors frequently have to work longer hours. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the ITR that assessors provide is correct and devoid of any fraud or asset hiding.

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What are the responsibilities of an income tax officer?

Following are the high duties of an income tax officer:

  • Assists in the series of sales for public welfare and the management of presidency establishments with the aid of using preserved tax debts from numerous departments, guaranteeing that groups and residents are paying taxes to the government.
  • Sending notices and making common assessments for fraud and different illegal moves are all a part of the activities of an income tax officer.
  • Appears into claims of failure to pay taxes
  • Analyses courtroom docket facts for the repute of claims, mortgages, monetary statements or investigates belongings of folks via 1/3 events who do now no longer pay taxes.
  • determines the real profits of human beings who’ve filed profits tax returns
  • executes raids on human beings, agencies, and businesses that have submitted a wrong income tax return (ITR) or have no longer documented an ITR.

What is the earnings of an income tax officer?

The pay scale of an profits tax officer is ₹9,300-34,800 + grade pay of ₹4,800/₹5,400.

Below are the pay scales of various posts in profits tax departments:

Income tax officer: ₹9,300-34,800 + grade pay of ₹4,800/₹5,400

Posts in assessing officer cadre: ₹15,600-39,100 + grade pay of ₹6,600/₹9,300-34,800 + grade pay of ₹4,800/4,200

Posts in non-public secretary cadre: ₹9,300-34,800 + grade pay of ₹4,800/4,200

Inspector of profits tax: ₹9,300-34,800 + grade pay of ₹4,600

Executive assistants: ₹9,300-34,800 + grade pay of ₹4,200/

Tax assistant/steno III/driver: ₹5,200-20,200 + grade pay ₹2,400

Notice server/decrease divisional clerk/ driver: ₹5,200-20,200 + grade pay of ₹1,900

Group C: ₹5,200-20,200 + grade pay of ₹1,800

Posts in digital statistics processing cadre: ₹15,600-39,100/₹5,200-20,200