Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

hindu temple of greater chicago

There are many Indian families which had shifted to the United States. It has several reasons like career challenges, education, etc. They have made a huge and beautiful Hindu temple in Greater Chicago. It became the most important symbol of the Hindu culture and religious things.

Because at the beginning of the shift they are not having a home-like feeling. Here, are the things why this temple is famous, The history, and other important details of the temple.

Address: 10915 Lemon Road, Lemont, IL 60439

Contact No: 630-972-0300

Opening & Closing Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM

Why was The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago Made

Why was The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago Made

The main reason for the opening of this temple is to connect the people to their culture and religion in foreign also. This was around 1977, and the Telugu presidents of the temple, Shri Tirupiah and Shri B. met with some other important members of the society. However, They have decided to make this temple, not for any society but this is for the Hindu people. 

After the final decision of making the temple, some important people from the society decided to make the president of the temple. Moreover,  For financial things and other important factors, the work has been distributed among different people. Also, the temple became the center of attraction of the people. 

This has such a beautiful infrastructure and the management of the temple. Now not only Hindi but Chicago people also love to visit the temple on occasions.

Facilities Available in Hindu Temple Greater Chicago

This temple is now not limited to a single city or country now this is worldwide famous.  So, now this has several other facilities which are for the devotees. However, This is centrally located in the large complex. The temple design is based on the Hindu religion and on Indian traditions. 

There is a large stage from where many of the celebrations has organized. Moreover, This has dining also which use for multi-purposes. From the man gate you can directly enter the temple there is no discrimination for entry. 

Ramalaya Auditorium

This is the particular area which is for the 100 attendees, On the lower level of the Rama Temple, this is the kitchen place. There are different religious activities that are really enjoyable. Lots of people book the ticket in advance to get the seat on time. 

Lots of visitors coming from the different parts from the other countries are coming there. For them, there is lots facility to stay there. Here are some rent rooms also available where the devotee can stay. 

Rent Facility

There are some rules to have a rented room there. They are for the visitors who are coming to visit the temple too far from it. These rules are for the management and the security of the devotees. 

Rules if You Want to Have a Room on Rent

  • All the rules are settled by the HTGC. Some are for safety and some are for not disobeying the Hindu religion things.
  • Nobody can come to the temple who has smoked, drinks, non-vegetarian food, or any alcohol-containing things. 
  • Children should be under the observation of their parents.
  • In a rented room you cannot decorate the interior, staple nails, etc things are not allowed to leave in the room.
  • If there is any harm to the Rented property,s o you need to pay the charges also. 
  • The kitchen is restricted to cooking only specific foods according to the Hindu Religion.
  • There is the availability of a refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen.
  • Temple has a special community of custodians who is for the helping to run any event very smoothly.

Interior of the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

Interior of the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

The interior of the temple has the perfect design to visit the temple. It has a properly designs structure for the visitors. However, There are several features that are the center of the visitor’s attraction.

  • This has a group of more than five individual people who schedule the temple by calling the front desk. The contact no 630-972-0300 you can also call on this given no. 
  • You can schedule the appointment at least three days ago to attendant the seat on the desired date.
  • The group of five people is the organizer of this tour.
  • You are not allowed to attend the tour by walk now. 
  • There are many volunteers who are giving donations that support the tour services.
  • Here you can get a vegetarian lunch only during the tour.

Why Go to the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago is a Hindu temple that is complex in the Lemont. However, This is the Rama temple Which is Wprshippig the lord Rama, Shri Lakshmana, Ganesha, Hanuman, Lord Venkateshwara, Mahalakshmi, Krishna, and the Radha, etc. 

In the same temple, there is a special place where the worshipping of the Swami Vivekanand. Moreover, The house is the center and the perfect place where you can find real peace and a calm environment. However, There are so many spiritual and other activities happening like Yoga Classes, Meditation, etc. 

The Vivekanand is also there in the temple on the hillock Campus. When the photo of this temple is shared with different regions of the world. However, No of visitors increase rapidly. Moreover, The most amazing thing about this temple is that the statue of Buddha this has is the first statue of him. 

Interesting Events and Activities of Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

The temple organizes several events and activities, for the devotee. However, This is the center of the spiritual and amazing religious activities. The RITU house is the manager of all these activities. This temple has a wooded hillside view near the river valley in the Lemont. Although, The temple also has a large and beautiful building which is the home of lots of gods and goddesses. 

Interesting Events and Activities of Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

Fascinating Architecture

The Rama temple was built in a specific style and infrastructure. Its architecture has magnificent designs. However, This is perfectly showing the potential of the Hindu religion. The statue it has are symbolically representing that. Although, In the north of this, there is a smaller temple of Rama. So, if you are visiting there you can also have the chance to visit the other amazing place. 

Festivals and Events

This is specially decorated for the festival session. However, The look of the temple is really adorable and there is a special kind of vibe and peace you can feel in the temple. Moreover, Some of the amazing festivals are celebrated on a large scale. 

Ramnavmi in April: The Birthday of Ram

In the month of April Ramnavmi celebrates every year. This is on the birthday of Lord Ram. However, There is proper drama in how the marriage of Lord Ram is happen with the Sita

Shivratri: Feb to March

This is there after the 14 days of the Month Magha. Although, This festival celebrates because the lord shiva protects the world by taking the poison ot the throat.

Janmashtami: The Birthday of Lord krishna

Janmashtami celebrates every year on the day of the birthday of Lord Krishna. Moreover, It is the Eight form of the lord Vishnu. Although, The Krishna Lila is there in the celebration in which the entire story of lord Krishna displays.

Dusherra: Death Of the Ravan

This day has a moral which is responsible for the celebration of it every year. On this day the statue of the Ravan Burn. Although, death of him, it’s proof that always there is an end of the disobey and honesty. 

Deepavali: The win of Justice

There is a great celebration on the occasion of Deepavali. This is after the ten days of the Dusherrra. When the lord Ram returns back home with his wife. And the Ravan statue burns on this day which remembers the importance of the day. However, This day is creating a great moral among the people that the wrong thing cannot stay for so long time. One day justice and honesty definitely beat it. 

Holi: The festival of Color & Joy

This festival celebrates the winter season with the full last moon. All the children and the people enjoy these festivals. There is a bonfire called the Holika Dahan is for the victory of honesty and justice.

There are lots of reasons to go to the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. This has the perfect interior and infrastructure which is why lots of people from different countries visit this place. If you want to spend some days in a peaceful and calm environment you can also take the room for rent. 

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