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Malta is a picturesque island in the Mediterranean sea famous for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and famous local cuisine. Many tourists travel to Malta island every year to learn about the country’s history and see the famous Megalithic churches and other historical monuments. This guide will give you all the information you need to plan a perfect trip to Malta. 

Malta is famous for many things, including its long history and rich culture. It is also a popular tourist destination, with people from all across the globe visiting this beautiful island nation every year. Malta is also a beautiful Mediterranean country that has a lot to offer to tourists who want to explore its many attractions and enjoy the unique local culture.

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Where Malta Is Located

Where Malta Is Located

Malta is a small but important and beautiful country as well as island whose official name is the Republic of Malta(Republika ta’ M     alta) and the capital city of Malta is Valletta. The Geographic Location of this wonderful place is Southern Europe, In between the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, East of Tunisia, and South of Sicily(Italy).

Malta is an important country because it plays a vital role in the struggles of a successive of powers. It is a small independent country. The Other cities of Malta are Birkirkara, Mdina, and Rabat which malta is the largest city. 

As we say Malta is a small island or country So the population of malta is not too much and the nationality of Malta is Maltese. Most of the languages spoken in Malta are Maltese and English. Malta is a country that focuses on education and the literacy of Malta is 93%.

Many Students come to malta for their higher studies. If you are planning a trip to malta then you should also know the currency. Well, the currency of Malta is the Maltese Lira (MTL). 

How To Reach Malta

Malta is a popular tourist destination and it is popularly known for its warm climate as well as for its beautiful landscapes. It also serves as the location for a lot of film productions.  You can visit here to spend your vacation and explore its beautiful places. There are two ways by which you can visit malta. The first way to visit malta is preferred by a lot of people which is the direct airline from the U.S.A to Malta. But it can cost you a little bit extra on flight prices, however, you can save a little bit of money if you buy your ticket during different time periods instead of peak seasons.

The Second way to visit Malta is cheaper than the flight prices. You can visit here by Ferry. But ferries can also cost you extra and it depends on what type of ferry you are choosing. Instead of flights, you can use ferries because these are also a medium of transport in large water bodies. Even, a lot of people use ferries to travel from one country to another.

Flights From The U.S.A. To Malta

Flight can be preferred if someone wants to save their time by just traveling. There are a lot of flights from the U.S.A to Malta. But, flights will cost you a lot in peak seasons of malta because a lot of people travel through U.S. airlines during this time period. July and August are the peak season when flight prices moderate to high prices. So, if you want to save your money on flight prices then you shouldn’t visit in the months of July and August.

However, the cheapest month for flight prices from the U.S.A to Malta is November. This is the best month for you to visit malta because you can save your money as the flight prices are moderate to low cost. Also, the beaches of malta are not crowded by people during this season. Hence, you get another best thing that you can experience malta in a more personalized way.

    • Average Flight Prices during July to August (peak season) $1,288
    • Average Flight Price during November (low season) – $662
    • Average Flight Price in ordinary seasons – $859

Ferries From The USA To Malta

Instead of flights, a lot of people prefer to travel by ferry. There are a lot of ferries that go to malta from the USA. However, flights can save your time in traveling but if you want to enjoy your ride from the USA to Malta too, then ferries are the best medium. Also, there’s the best thing that you can save your money or you can choose a lot of different ferries that travel from the USA to malta. Because every ferry has different price ranges.

Also, you can do a lot of things during the ferry rides. However, It takes time to travel from the USA to Malta by Ferry. So, you will remember this longest journey to malta from the USA. Hence, traveling by ferry can save your money in traveling. So, we have listed some cheap and expensive ferries so that you can choose the right one according to your budget.

  • Valletta Ferry Service – $27 per night
  • United Comino Ferry – $19.70 per night
  • Virtu Ferry (peak season) – $316.61
  • Gozo Channel Ferry – $22.12 per night
  • Comino Ferry Cost – $12.78 per night

Best Time To Visit In Malta

Best Time To Visit In Malta

You must have come to know that Malta is a beautiful tourist place whose beauty is very amazing in itself. Tourists from different countries come here to enjoy the beauty of it. Its amazing view fascinates the tourist. After coming once, want to come here again. Tourists plan their vacations according to the season. Malta is a place known for its historical places, and structures. You can do different types of activities here. Some of those activities are scuba diving, fishing, swimming, etc.

But you also need to know in which season this can be good. These historical, and cultural events, when and in which season are You need to know. That’s why you should know its weather before you come here. Which can be good information for you. Well, there is no doubt that the hot climate of Malta compels tourists to visit it. It is in the name because of its warm climate.

One of the best reasons why the country is popular among tourists from all over the world is its weather. The temperature reaches its highest level around 30 °C in summer and drops to 15 °C in winter. That’s why the shooting of films also takes place. Apart from having a warm climate, it is also the reason for its tourist crowd. Here we are telling about some of the best seasons. In which month do you want to come and which season is the best for the vacation Plan?

Winter Season (December, January, February.)

The month of January is the first month of the year, It is the coolest month of the year and this January month remains cool in Malta. This whiter remains very friendly and calm during this month. In this month, the temperature of this weather is around 15 degrees during the day and it is around 7 degrees down at the night.

You may have to face some rain here in January month. If you are a lover of both cold weather and rain, then you can come here in January. A honeymoon can be a romantic season to plan. So you can add the January month of Malta for your honeymoon.

You can plan your vacation very well even in the cold weather of Malta. This festival can also enjoy the cool atmosphere, as well as the rain. The winter of Malta is December, January, and February. You can enjoy the Christmas festival here in December. In the month of December, you can enjoy Christmas and Carnivals and many more festivals here. The Valletta Festival is The festival of a culture where you can experience its culture. Going this season. You can experience the folk continuum and culture of this in February. There are many events in the month of February, in which you can get acquainted with the culture of the people.

You can plan a Malta holiday in winter. Which will not affect your pocket. This month will give you a much cheaper and less crowded environment. Due to the rains in the winter season, fewer tourist places are open, but they are also more open. So your winter season is December, January, and February. You can plan if you want a cold and rainy season. Also, you can enjoy many festivals and carnivals this month.

The Summer Season

The summer season in Malta lasts for a very long time. This is a very long season in Malta. Which starts in the summer month of May and lasts till the month of September- Tober. During this, the summer temperature in Malta ranges between 15°C and 31°C. And it is hot during the day. And The annual temperature of the place is 20 -22 degrees. Which is a good temperature for you to do activities and roam. During this summer season, more tourists come here because the vacation of summer is also available to tourists. Tourists also like to come in this summer season for their vacation. You won’t have to burn this much in the sun. Although it is the summer season, you can do this wander without the scorching sun.

Wonderful festive Summer Season

If planning for Malta in Summer Season, May it be a wonderful festive tourist season? you get a chance to enjoy the joy and culture of many festivals. Malta’s summer season is a good festive season. Many festivals are celebrated there in the summer season of Malta. Some of them are famous and popular festivals. Summer Days Malta, Full Moon Made Fest, Lost and Found, and Sunscape Festival are held in summer. A majority of these gala’s recognition on trade or electronic music. but, it is surely the excitement and the vibe of these festivals. that resonates with humans in place of simply the tune. Due to this tourists are attracted and want to come here. 

You can enjoy the popular  Festival of July month of Summer. If you like herbal juices and fruit juices, then you can enjoy it here. The name of this festival is The Marsovin Wine Festival. Where you can enjoy a variety of drinks. You in this summer season. You can come here and enjoy scuba diving and swimming. Together you can enjoy the wonderful sunset on the beach. In summer, you can enjoy Malta’s festivals and many other things.

There would have been a lot of good activities in the summer season. Big artists from all over the world come and exhibit here. It’s miles a super time in order to explore the cathedrals, castles, churches and different such ancient locations.

Pleasant Autumn Season

The October season in Malta is the very pleasant and attractive and positive atmosphere. It is a pleasant autumn season. Where the temperature is somewhere between 12 to 13 C and 2-0-23 °C. The maximum temperature in this October month is 22 °C and the minimum temperature is 15 °C. This is a great time to visit this month’s . Festivals and many more museums, churches, and other such historical places. October is a good month to visit, there is no doubt that this month can be a lovely month for you to visit. You won’t have to deal with overcrowding this October. Where you can easily move around and explore many things. This October is the least crowded month. You can also get to see this rain in the month of October. So don’t forget to carry your umbrella before going into season.

Peak Season: May to October

Off Season: November to February

Shoulder Season: March to April

There is no season in Malta in which you cannot travel. Here in Malta, every month is good for tourists. But if you know which month is good and crowded and less crowded. And in which month festivals and events are celebrated. What is the temperature then it will be a bit of very good advice for you.

Places To Visit In Malta

Places To Visit In Malta

There are many places to visit in Malta. Lovely hotels, restaurants, colorful architecture, famous balconies, cultural events, and the island of Gozo are beautiful and lovely things to see in Malta. If we compile all these then Malta is an attractive place for tourists. But choosing the right place can be important or challenging for you. So we are going to mention the top places to visit in Malta that you are sure to love.

The Gozo Island Of Malta

Malta’s Gozo Island is one of the fascinating attractions for tourists. This island is the ideal place to spend your vacation. If you want to do some water activities while exploring the island then this place can be the best option for you. The landscape, beautiful beaches, and the serene and calm city will surely charm you. If you are interested in Malta sightseeing then this island is the perfect destination for you.

You can explore the city of Victoria, the Folklore Museum, and the Gagantija Temples which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and have ocean views of the island of Gozo. There is a lot to explore on the island of Gozo along with some fun activities. Also, this place is perfect for couples as well as families. If you are a religious person and looking for religious places in Gozo Island. So let us tell you that there are many churches and temples on Gozo Island. If you visit Gozo Island in Malta then this can be a memorable trip for you.

Popeye Village In Malta

As Malta is famous for film Production. So, Popeye Village is one of the best attractions in Malta. The “ Popeye” village is basically a Musical Productions of 1980. Now it is famous for its film sets. If you love acting then this place can be better for you. There are many Popeye in this village who will fascinate you with their amazing shows during day time. 

The People who are welcomed in this village can enjoy a shooting experience with the Popeye Team. If you visit there and get an experience of shooting you will really feel like a film star for one day. 

You can also do a boat ride, sunbathing decks, and get an experience of ‘Popeye the Comic Museum’ which has more than 100 comics from 1936. If you’ve made a list of your favorite places then Don’t forget to add Popeye Village in Malta which is one of the attractive places.

St. Agatha’s Tower

St. Agatha’s Tower offers excellent views of Comino, Gozo, and the Gadira Nature Reserve. It was constructed in 1649 during the two world wars and was also called the Red Tower because of its color at the time. This incredible tower is located on the Marfa Ridge Crest. Now, it is open to the public and they charge a little to enter the tower. If you are a history lover then this tower is one of the best historic places. Also, If you are visiting Malta, do not miss to click the beautiful pictures of St. Agatha Tower. 


Just 5 km from the capital city of Malta (Valletta), Salima is a lovely center for restaurants and shopping. It is the main resort destination of Malta. There are many options for boat rides in Salima. The Independence Garden and De Redin Tower are highlights of the past and glimpses of history. Salima is the best place for tourists to shop. During the summer, Salima is full of tourists. If you go for Salima shopping, then definitely purchase the famous traditional crafts, Mdina Glass of Malta.


Comino is the home of the famous blue lagoon. It is a small Island that can be a favorite destination for divers, surfers, and snorkelers. 

The sandy blue sea provides you a lovely atmosphere. You can have some local food from Malta while seeing the gorgeous beach.

Comino island is full of water activities. Also, it is the perfect destination for couples. 

If you want to know about the famous blue lagoon Iceland in Reykjanes Peninsula., then you can read our article on Blue Lagoon Iceland in which we have provided a full travel guide to visit there.

Historical Places To Visit In Valletta

Historical Places In Malta

As we already mentioned, Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Valletta is famous for its historic and cultural monuments. So tourist who appreciates historic and cultural activities can visit Valletta. It is a convenient location for tourists and you can explore it without a car. There are many historic places in Valletta but exploring all the places can be a big task for you. We have compiled the Best and most famous Historic Monuments in Valletta:-

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral is an important historic monument as well as a holy place for worship. It was built between 1573 and 1577. The architecture of The cathedral is unique and beautiful. The floor is also covered with memorials with inlaid intricate colorful marble. Also, Caravaggio’s painting is very unique.

Along with the historical monument, it is a beautiful location for cultural events as well. If you visit this cathedral you will get to know about its history. Also, If you like to visit religious buildings you can’t miss this one.

Ggantija Temples In Malta

The Ggantija temples are located in Xaghra, Gozo. This temple is popular around the world because It comes under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and important archaeological sites in Malta. It is one of the oldest temples in Malta Country and they are older than Stonehenge and the pyramids in Egypt. The temples are very old, but they have been well-preserved. Visitors from all over the world come to worship this religious temple of Malta. If you are a religious person then you should definitely visit this amazing and precious temple.

Grand Master’s Palace Of Valletta

The Grand Master Palace is situated in Palace Square, Valletta. This palace is offered for traditional ceremonies. In the 16th century, this palace is used as the residence of the knights of Malta. Also, it was one of the first buildings to be built in Valletta. You can find here the collection of artifacts, armor, and historic tapestries.

National Museum Of Archaeology

The National Museum of Archeology is a fully decorated Baroque building in Valletta. Many archaeological collections have been found in this museum. In this museum, you get many remains to get aware or familiar with the history. You should definitely explore this National Museum of Archaeology while visiting Malta.

Grand Harbour

The Grand Harbour of Valletta is one of the famous harbors in the city. Harbour is surrounded by bastions, massive fortifications, and defensive towers. It is also one of the historic places to visit in Valletta because it is a very old harbor. It is open today for ocean liners, cruise ships, and large commercial ships.

Famous Churches OF Malta

Famous Churches In Malta

Malta is a popular tourist destination and lots of people visit here to explore this awesome island and enjoy its beautiful places. This place is full of incredible wildlife and natural beauty along with awesome beaches and other things. But, there are a lot of churches in malta as well. So, whenever you visit malta, make sure to visit these beautiful churches.

Malta is so popular not just for popular tourist attractions and beaches. But, malta is popularly known for its churches. You may need to know that there are 365 churches in malta. It is hard to believe that malta is the only country that has 365 churches all over the world. Everyone gets surprised after knowing this unbelievable thing about malta. So, whenever you visit malta, make sure to explore these churches.

St. John's Co-Cathedral Church

The St. John’s Co-Cathedral Church is the most famous church in malta. Every tourist visit this church who came to malta. It is a roman catholic church which is dedicated to Saint John and he build this church between 1572 to 1577. The Church was initially named in the Italian language as “Chiesa Conventuale di San Giovanni Battista” and changed further. Also, it is one of the finest examples of high Baroque architecture.

This church is so beautiful from the inside as well as from the outside and the interior of this church is designed by Mattia Preti who was a Calabrian artist. Further, the Grand Masters of St. John’s Co-Cathedral Church made a lot of artworks for the interior decoration of this church. Also, you will see a stunning view of golden decorations when you step inside the church. And you will notice an optical illusion when you closely look at the figures that are painted next to each column.

Mosta Rotunda Church

The Mosta Rotunda Church is also known as the Mosta Dome. It was built in the 19th century and it is the fourth largest dome in the world, so you should visit here to explore this beautiful church. The church has a very interesting story that a Luftwaffe bomb was directly fell through this church during WWII which didn’t explode and the church survived happily. Even, you can see a replica bomb that is still inside the church.

If you want to visit inside the church then it will cost you about $2.95 and there are guided tours available. The bomb that came through the Rotunda but didn’t explode is the main reason that Mosta Rotunda Church is the most famous. Also, the church is so beautiful from the inside as well with the beautiful paintings. It has an outside diameter of 56.2 meters and an inside diameter of 39.6 meters along with a height of 54.7 meters. Also, it is one of the world’s largest unsupported domes.

Manikata Church

The Manikata Church is also a popular church in malta. It is a lovely and peaceful place of worship. The Manikata church is a modern church in the manikata village. You can only reach to this church by the Ghajn Tuffieha road and you can also see the countryside while traveling through the road. Also, you don’t have to worry about the timing of this church because it remains open for 24 hours. It is a great piece of architecture that is built by Professor  Richard England in modern times.

It is not a massive church so you can visit the whole church quickly. You should visit this church because it is a great piece of architecture and also it is one of the most famous churches in malta. Even, you don’t have to spend a lot time exploring the church as it is not massive so you can visit in just a little bit of time.

Naxxar Parish Church

The Naxxar Parish Church is a Roman Catholic baroque parish church that was built in 1436 by Bishop De Mello. It is the most historical church that was built in ancient times. The Naxxar Parish Church is also one of the 10 parishes. It is a peaceful church to visit and you will be glad to meet the friendly people inside the church. It is a beautiful parish church that is located inside the heart of Naxxar.

The Naxxar Parish Church is one of the best architecture built by Tumas Dingli between 1616 to 1630. You can also see the magnificent fireworks display and the lady of victory religious festival. The Church is also surrounded by benches, flowers, palm trees as well as lovely little cafes. So, you should visit here when you visit malta to explore the insights of this church.

Bible Baptist Church

The Bible Baptist Church is a Regular Baptist Church that was built by Roger Williams in 1974. You will find a friendly welcome when you visit inside the Bible Baptist Church of malta. If you are searching for a church in malta then Bible Baptist Church will be the best church for you to visit. Also, you don’t have to walk or travel to visit this church. Because they have minibusses that will pick you up from where you are, You just need to contact them.

This is one of the best churches that we recommend everyone to visit in malta. Inside of the church also has a peaceful environment along with friendly people. Everyone visits this Church who came to malta because it has great importance and it is one of the most famous churches of malta. So, you should visit here to explore this most famous church in malta.

Popular Beaches In Malta

Popular Beaches In Malta

There’s something for everyone in Malta, from the majestic historical buildings to the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. From bustling party areas to serene getaways, these Malta beaches have something for everyone to enjoy! Here are some of the most popular beaches in Malta to check out on your trip to the island.

Golden Bay Beach

Golden Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Malta thanks to its calm waters and spectacular scenery. It is located on the west coast of the island, just north of Gozo. It is reached via a spectacular clifftop road that offers breathtaking views of the coastline. The beach itself is small and sheltered, making it ideal for families with young children. 

The water here is calm and clear, making it perfect for swimming or snorkeling. There is also a small cafe here that serves snacks and refreshments. This is a popular destination amongst tourists and locals alike, so it can get quite busy in the summer months. Be sure to get there early if you want to avoid the crowds.

Mellieha Bay Beach

Mellieha Bay is a large sandy beach located about halfway between the capital city of Valletta and the seaside resort of Sliema. This beach has golden sand and clear blue waters that make for an ideal spot to relax in the sun. There is a wide variety of water sports available here, including Kayaking, surfing, and diving. 

Moreover, there are also plenty of opportunities to practice various sports like beach volleyball and football. You can even treat yourself to a pampering session at the on-site spa center. There are a number of cafes and restaurants nearby that serve delicious food and refreshing drinks. This is a must-visit spot on your trip to Malta.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach

Ghajn Tuffieha is another popular beach in Malta with crystal clear water and a beautiful location. It is located on the western side of the island overlooking the open sea. The bay is known for being particularly popular with surfers due to its powerful waves. However, this also means that swimmers should use caution as the water can be quite rough at times. 

You will also find several restaurants and cafes near the beach where you can satisfy your hunger after a busy day at the beach. This is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also a great place for anyone looking for a relaxing day at the beach.

Armier Bay Beach

This is a stunning sandy bay in the north of the island, not far from Valetta. It is a designated nature reserve due to its protected status and unique natural environment. This makes it a great spot for nature lovers and anyone who wishes to spend a quiet day away from the crowds. There are several hiking trails in the area that take you through the surrounding countryside and provide scenic views of the bay and the surrounding landscape. 

Moreover, there are also a number of beaches within a short drive from the park that offers excellent opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. The park itself is a popular destination for local and international visitors alike, so it may be a good idea to arrive early if you want to beat the crowds and avoid a long wait for parking. It is a great place to go if you are looking for a quiet place to spend some time outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

St. George's Bay

St. George’s Bay is one of the most picturesque bays in Malta. It is known for its sparkling blue waters and its beautiful shoreline dotted with gorgeous white rocks. It is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike due to its natural beauty and its proximity to the resort of Bugibba. There is a wide selection of bars and restaurants nearby where you can enjoy a meal or a refreshing drink after a long day in the sun. 

However, there are plenty of public beaches in the area where you can spend the day swimming and relax on the beach. This is a great place for anyone visiting Malta looking for a lively atmosphere and plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Things To Do In Malta

Things To Do In Malta

Malata is an island country which is very well known for its tourist destination. This is a very enjoyable and exciting place to visit. It is known for its culture and customs and many other specialties. This is a very good tourist place for you where you can do many things and make your Malta trip a very nice memorable one. There are many things for you to do here. Here you can go shopping as well as roam. You can also go to Beches and enjoy swimming there. And together you can take a boat tour there.In Malta you get to do activities like quad bike ride in Malta, Scuba diving in Malta, Go horse riding. Which we have described below.

Shopping In Valletta

Valletta is the beautiful capital of Malta. Along with seeing its beautiful view, you can also do shopping here. It is from one of the must visit places and worth to visit, if you travel to Malta. It is a well known place for its shopping. When UNESCO named Valletta a World Heritage Site, it is a famous place. It is also one of the most concentrated historical places in the world. You can also take a ferry tour in Valletta. Apart from seeing the beauty of these three The Renzo Piano-designed City Gate, Parliament Building and Opera House in Valletta, you can also take a ferry tour of these three cities here. Republic Street and Merchant Street are also the main commercial streets in Valletta with many stores and restaurants.

Where you will like to eat Sanskrit and historical things of these stores. Here you will also find restaurants where you can give rest to your hunger. The Manoel Theatre, one of the oldest in Europe. This is the oldest theater out there. The Barraka Gardens is also where you can enjoy the garden activities there. Also you can find the very photogenic temple on the bottom side of there.

Cinema Production In Popeye

Popeye Village is very interesting and exciting place in Malta, which can prove to be your very nice and fun place. Along with this, you can explore this village by doing many activities, adventures, shows, cinema, as well as riding and climbing. Here you can get to see many good performances, among which there is. puppet shows, slash pool, free wine is one of them. Here you can watch Puppet Shows, as well as do it. Also, you can enjoy the fun and taste of this free wine. There is also idyllic space which is also made for kids but. But adults can also make interesting by learning something from this place.

The beauty of Popeye Villegas also tells about its excellent water, this blue water makes you a fresh, slow and positive. At the same time, you can enjoy this wonderful view of the evening sunset as well as keep a photo as a memorable one. There are also swimming pools, trampolines where you can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean surroundings. There is also a cinema production in Popeye. Earlier it used to be shooting here but it has remained as a memory. But you can enjoy the production here and also do many activities. Here you can also take advantage of becoming an actor for a day. This cinema production are more interesting and can prove to be good for doing things.

Go Horse Riding

Golden Bay is a sandy place in Malta. It is a popular place known for its large stretch of sand. The bay is situated North West of Malta. This is a sandy beach where you can do a variety of activities with these sands. You can take photos by making their praises. And have a good enjoyment. You beach is a good place for sunbathing, swimming, watersports. As well as being a popular place for parties, especially in the evening when sunset sets in, some tourists set fire to their barbecues and enjoy a cool summer night at this beach.

And you can also enjoy the boat party. Here you can enjoy horse riding on Golden Bay Beach and roam the beaches. You can have a thrilling and fun and adventurous horse riding experience at Golden Bay Beaches. Evening horse riding can give you very good and fresh experience on the beaches.

Scuba Diving In Malta

Anchor Bay, Mellieha, Cirkewwa, Carolita Barge, Valletta, Crocodile Rock & Coral Cave, Double Arches are some of the places where you can enjoy Suba diving. If you love scuba diving then what can be a better and interesting thing for you than this. Diocese diving can be great and fun to visit the sea waters of Malta. Popularly known as Popeye Village, Anchor Bay is the place The drop off is where you can spot octopuses, tung shells and some big fish as well, which could be an exciting diving adventure for you. All the time you are under water, and you will be surrounded by parrot fish. They can enjoy the pleasure of greenery and water from a wonderful sight.

Best Restaurants In Malta

Best Restaurants In Malta

When it comes to dining out, Malta surely has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re looking for international cuisine or something more local, Malta has got you covered. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when planning your Maltese trip. To help you narrow down your search, here are our top picks for the best restaurants in Malta.

Guzé Bistro – Valletta

If you’re looking for a great spot for cocktails in Valletta, look no further than Guzé Bistro. This atmospheric restaurant boasts a welcoming atmosphere and tasty cocktails that are sure to impress. They also have a great selection of wine to choose from to complete your meal. This restaurant also offer a delicious vegetarian menu if you are looking to dine out with your family. They are open for lunch and dinner every day of the week and have a great patio for outdoor dining in the summer. If you’re looking for an authentic Maltese experience, this is the place to go. For more information you can contact the restaurant owner on its official website.

Medina – Mdina

Medina is a charming restaurant located in the center of Mdina – one of the Maltese Islands’ oldest towns. It is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Maltese food and sample some fine wines after a long day of sightseeing. The menu is full of delicious Mediterranean dishes and has something for everyone. There is also a wonderful courtyard dining area where you can enjoy your food al fresco in the warm weather. It is open for lunch from Monday to Friday and for dinner every evening except Sundays.

Rampila – Valletta

Rampila is a quaint restaurant in Valletta that offers innovative food with an Italian influence. It is a family-run restaurant and is open every day except for Sunday. It offers a friendly atmosphere and excellent value for money so is always popular with the locals and tourists alike. The menu features a wide range of dishes including pasta, pizza, and traditional Italian fare. The wine list is also very good so you can pair your meal with some fine Italian wines. The restaurant is set in a beautiful building with antique furnishings and the décor is very authentic. There is plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. If you are planning a visit to Valletta you should give this place a try.

Barracuda – St. Julian’s

This unique seafood restaurant is located on the outskirts of St. Julian’s and features panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant specializes in fish and seafood and serves delicious dishes made from fresh local ingredients. It also offers an impressive wine list featuring international and local wines as well as a selection of beers and other spirits. The head chef is renowned for his cooking and has won numerous awards for his cuisine. This is a great place to enjoy a delicious evening meal while enjoying the views of the sea. The restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists and offers a wide range of fish and other dishes at reasonable prices.

Ta’ Marija – Mosta

A popular restaurant in the village of Mosta in Malta, Ta’ Marija serves a large variety of Maltese and Mediterranean cuisines in a cozy setting surrounded by greenery. Popular with locals and travelers to Malta, this restaurant offers a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which to sample a wide variety of local and international dishes. An excellent selection of wine is also available at this restaurant so you can find the perfect accompaniment to your dinner. Open seven days a week, this cozy restaurant offers a great dining experience whether you are looking for a romantic meal for two or a relaxing meal with family and friends. Ta’ Marija is situated on the picturesque main street of the quaint village of Mosta.

Famous Foods Of Malta

Famous Foods Of Malta

Maltese food is full of flavor and delicious. There are many traditional dishes in Malta. If you visit there you should definitely try the famous foods there. It is one of the best activities to try something new dishes. 

Pastizzi - A Famous Snack Of Malta

If you are visiting Malta then you must not forget to try one of the famous food of Malta. Pastizzi is the famous snack of Malta. It is a very delicious warm and savory pastry that is made with filo and puff pastry and filled with warm ricotta cheese or mashed peas. You Should definitely try this amazing dish of Malta. Earlier it was not famous but in recent years it becomes the popular food of the Island. You can have some malta’s soft drinks with this snack. Countries like Australia and United States have also started serving this snack. 

Timpana- Baked Macroni Dish Of Malta

The Timpana is basically a baked macaroni dish of Malta. It is cooked in a sauce with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cheese and baked until the color gets brown. It is the local dish of Malta. Some people like to add hard-boiled eggs and bacon according to their taste. This Dish is Very Heavy. If you are going to the Capital City of Malta then don’t forget to try this amazing saucy and tasty Baked Macroni Of Malta.

Torta Tal-Lampuki- Famous Fried Fish Of Malta Island

Torta Taal-Lumpuki is the perfect fried fish that can be eaten while sitting in the sea. These Dolphinfish have a meaty, heavy texture which is similar to swordfish. 

Torta Taal-Lumpuki is basically a pie made from “mahi-mahi” fish. Along with Lampuki carrots, black olives, capers, garlic cloves, and tomato puree and it is one of the favorite fish dishes recipes of Malta. It is also available in most of the restaurants across the island. This dish is found more in August to November than in other months. If you are traveling to the beaches of Malta, you can try the Torta Taal-Lumpuki dish with your loved ones.

Stuffat Tal-Fenek- Rabbit Meat Of Malta

Stuffat tal-fenak is basically rabbit meat which is one of the most popular dishes in Malta. It is slowly cooked for around two hours and then add some local vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots, and potatoes. The rabbit meat is basically cooked with white wine garlic and served with chips or fried potatoes. It is a sweet dish made with tahini, almonds, and sugar. So, it is one of the popular dishes of Malta. You can try this one sweet and traditional dish of Malta.

Zalzett Tal-Malti- Maltese Sausage

Maltese sausage is another popular food in Malta. These Maltese sausages are made from herbs, crushed coriander seeds, black pepper, herbs, and spices. This is a very tasty and common dish of Malta. You can easily find it in all the restaurants in Malta. You can enjoy this delicious dish while sitting on the beach or in any restaurant.


Malta is a wonderful place to visit. The people are friendly and welcoming, the scenery is beautiful, and the food is delicious. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or want to explore the island’s many attractions, this complete travel guide has you covered. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about visiting Malta including how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat, and even a little bit of history. Read on for everything you need to know to have a fabulous trip to Malta.

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