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Everyone likes to drink coffee. People prefer to drink coffee more than tea because coffee has many benefits as compared to other drinks. If you are a coffee lover then you should know about the types, brands, and alternatives of coffee. Whether you like coffee concentrated or diluted, it totally depends on your taste. We’ll focus on the coffee kinds, brands, and substitutes to give you all the information you’re looking for.

Types Of Coffee

We have often seen that whenever we go to a cafe, we get a different type of coffee there. We sometimes order a selected item in a cafe and if we want to try something new, we always get confused about what to choose because there are different types of coffee that have different names. So here we have mentioned different types of coffee which are made according to your favorite taste.

types of coffee


Espresso is black coffee. It is a concentrated form of coffee. In espresso we do not add milk, it only contains coffee powder and water. This is a 30-35 ml shot. Espresso is a strong coffee and it is used in all types of coffee.

Espresso = Coffee Powder + Water


Americano coffee is the second coffee type in the espresso category. If some water is added to the espresso, it becomes americano coffee. This is a diluted form of espresso, which means it has higher water content. Those who do not want to drink very strong coffee, prefer to drink americano.

Americano = Espresso + Extra Water


Macchiato is a ceramic coffee. For this, we add milk foam to the espresso, which gives it a slightly creamy texture. To make milk foam, there are machines in the cafes that make milk foam.

Machiato = Espresso + Milk Foam

Flat white

If we add milk to espresso, then this is called flat white coffee. The difference between a macchiato and flat white is that In macchiato, the milk foam is added to espresso and in flat white, milk is added to espresso.

Flat White = Espresso + Milk


Cappuccino is a strong coffee. It consists of espresso with milk and milk foam. This is a strong coffee because it contains 3 ingredients in equal percentages;

Cappuccino = Milk Foam + Milk + Espresso (all ingredients in equal quantity)


Latte coffee is a lighter coffee than a cappuccino. Milk is 50% in it and other ingredients i.e. milk foam and espresso are 25%.

Latte = Milk Foam (25%) + Milk (50%) + Espresso (25%)


The Mocha has espresso, milk, and milk foam with chocolate syrup added, so if you like chocolate flavor then you will order mocha category coffee.

Mocha = Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam + Chocolate Syrup

Best Brands of Coffee

There are multiple Coffee Brands available in the market but here we are mentioning some of the best brands of coffee with their features.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

seatle coffee

Seattle is one of the best brands of coffee. You can easily find this coffee in your grocery stores. Seattle coffee is considered one of the most delicious coffee. This coffee is a bit expensive. The coffee brand also provides ten different ground coffee blends and six different K-cups for coffee makers. you should definitely try this american coffee.

Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee

Death Wish Coffee is the world’s strong coffee. The Death Wish is an intensely dark and highly caffeinated blend beloved by many people. The coffee is smooth and flavourful filled with dark chocolate and cheery. Death Wish Coffee Company also added a  second dark roast which is slightly cheaper and less caffeinated but just as tasty. Both blends of Death wish coffee are available in whole bean ground and K-cup varieties.

Mount Hagen

mountain hegan

Mount Hagen is the most widely used brand of premium instant coffee. It is commonly sold in 3.5-ounce glass jars and is more expensive than the brands like Café Bustelo, Nescafé, and Folgers, but the cost is acceptable because it’s each jar makes about 50 cups of coffee, or roughly 20 cents each cup. Additionally, Mount Hagen produces instant decaffeinated coffee. It is an excellent drinking coffee for camping and traveling.  


lavazza coffee

The old Italian roaster coffee provides a wide range of products, including espresso mixes and coffee for drip machines and K-Cups. The Caffe Espresso is available in both whole bean and ground form and is often referred to as “Espresso Italiano”. It is a fantastic coffee because its medium intensity and fruity and flowery overtones peek beneath the taste of regular coffee.  Lavazza offers a variety of sizes of bags and tins in which to sell their coffee.

New England Coffee

new england coffee

There is a blend for everyone at New England Coffee. It includes Colombian Supremo and Italian Roast. K-Cups and a variety of flavored coffees are available. It is considered one of the best brands of coffee. The taste of this coffee is a little sweet than other brands. Also, this coffee gives an aftertaste that is so delicious.

Servings of Coffe

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to serve according to the guest’s taste. If you are serving Coffee or anything in the drinks, you will bring it to the salver by carrying it. You can keep cookies and they can be sweet and salty. A hot cup of coffee, whether it’s an espresso, latte, or cappuccino, will definitely make your day better. You can consume it at any time of the day, it is not just for breakfast. Here are the different foods that you can serve with coffee whenever you are serving.

Pan Cakes

Pancakes are delicious, spongy, and soft, and they give you an extra lift in the morning. You can’t go wrong whether you eat it alongside your coffee or drink it in your beverage.


Donuts and coffee go together and makes a good pair as well, which is why they are such a classic food pairing. You can serve donuts with coffee, it’s a good option.

Dark Chocolates

When you want something sweet and delicious, this is the ideal pairing. This is the ideal moment to try it if you haven’t yet. The light bitterness and sweetness of dark chocolate perfectly complement the taste of coffee.

Best Substitutes for Coffee

If you want to know some alternatives or we can say substitutes of coffee, which gives the same nutritional value just like coffee. Also, everyone does not like coffee, so they consume these alternatives of coffee which we have mentioned below. 

Matcha Tea

mocha tea

Matcha is the first substitute for coffee. Pure green tea leaves are ground into a fine powder to make matcha. It contains more antioxidants and is more potent than other green tea. Matcha is a finely powdered powder that may be challenging to stir into a liquid with just a spoon. Also, matcha includes both caffeine and l-theanine, which is a natural product that can simultaneously soothe or relaxed the body. 

How to make

To make Macha Powder, simply you have to add 1 tbsp Macha Powder in hot water and stir it with the help of a spoon. After stirring well you can enjoy this wonderful and healthy coffee alternative by keeping it at a normal temperature.

Bru Cocoa Beans

horse cocoa beans

Bru cocoa beans can be used as a substitute for the second cup of coffee. Although it has a somewhat watered-down hot chocolate flavor, it still has the warm, soothing beverage feeling you get from a cup of coffee and provides a small energy boost. 

How to make

Pour 16 ounces of boiling water and 1/3 cup of Cocoa Bru and grinds into a pan. You can stir it with a wooden spoon, let it steep for 10 minutes, then drink it straight up.

Black Tea

black tea

We can also take tea as a substitute for coffee. Tea is a type of Black tea. It contains herbs and spices. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. To make tea boil the water and add half a tablespoon of tea. It depends that how much stronger tea herb you are using. After that boil water till the color of the water gets brownish. After that keep it a room temperature for 2 minutes and enjoy the Black tea.


Coffee reduces the death of risk you should consume it. But if you are consuming coffee in an excessive amount it should not be good for your health. So, if you are a coffee lover then you should know everything about coffee likes types, brands, and alternatives.

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